Welcome to the Bellingen YHA

Dear Traveller,

Welcome to the Bellingen YHA Hostel’s web site. You may have travelled throughout Australia and many other parts of the world, but the Bellingen YHA offers you a travel accommodation experience like no other.

Picture this; you’ve woken up to bird calls and a clear morning. Although it’s warm, a mist hangs in the mountains in the distance. You head out for great coffee and a bite to eat at any one of a number of nearby cafes. You read the paper, write a postcard, take in the view and relax.

You spend your afternoon gently paddling the Bellinger River looking for the elusive platypus or cycling through eucalypt forest… or just swinging in a hammock. Late afternoon you swim in the river then head to town and mix with the locals. You can eat out at a number of restaurants, or choose to prepare your own meal and eat it on the verandah of the Bellingen YHA, overlooking the Bellinger River as the Flying Foxes across the river alight to feed through the night.

Obviously your holiday is what you make it. But if there is any place to relax and regenerate, Bellingen is it. Nestled in the base of the Bellinger Valley, with rainforest to the west and  beautiful beaches to the east you can make your visit to Bellingen as active or as relaxed as you like.

We invite you to visit our accommodation and enjoy beautiful Bellingen. Click through the links below. And then come and see it for yourself.

Yours sincerely, Graham McIntyre